Kaos Over Europe part one

Hello all you beautiful people!

We are closing up to a week on tour already. It's nice to finally be back on tour I Europe after two American tours. This time it's really something new for us for a number of reasons. First of all the new album is out. It has been a lot of work to make, record and release the album an now we are finally able to preform the songs live to both new and old fans. It's truly a great feeling

Reason number two is the fact that this is out first headliner tour! Ouh-yeah, that's a fucking great feeling to! We had a blast supporting big bands on tour and playing festival-tours as Heidenfest and Paganfest, but it's a really nice for a change to do a proper headliner tour!

With us on tour is some old friends from Finsterforst and Cryptic forest. Playing their respective forest-metal and black-ish-metal. Cool guys, lots of fun, and always the opportunity to do a improvised spa with their satage-mud!

Some changes in the live line-up are done as well. Unfortunately Drekka Dag didn't have the chance to join in on this tour, but we got a replacement on percussion and vocals in Bukken Brusetruse. He is one big hub of energy both on and off stage, so it adds something new and good to this tour!

Bokkn - New live step-in!

We started of the tour in Berlin at the well known K17. Our tourmanager usually works there so she knew how to threw a welcome-party after the show. Great start on the tour with a bunch of people attending, cool afterparty with some 90's disco moves.

Next were Erfurt. We strolled around in the city for a while, doing some touristing and started the new hoovering trend on the parking-lot. Good times!

Third venue in Tillbrug were pretty cool, small as fuck but friendly as hell. Lots of friends and fans that showed up for the show. I think the barkeepers liked us bc we had a free bar all night. Yeah, you can imagine the rest.

Brekfast in Tilburg

A little bit of a pain in the ass to get up for the boat over to UK all hungover and early in the morning, but it was a beautiful sunrise at the boat and we got some sleep in the bus again before we arrived in London. When we got into London we had a special treat. My sister Sareeta showed up with here violin and joined in on stage for some songs! Really nice with a family visitor and a kickass addition to the band! We all hope she will make a appearance again in the near future!

Getting ready for the show in London

Then it was of to France for a show in Paris. This time at a venue called Glazart. I were there back in 2008 with another band, and the things I remembered were crazy crowd and warm as hell. I remembered right. What a crazy show (hope no one got hurt!)!! so cool to play for such a fired up audience!

We stayed in France for a gig in Toulouse the day after. As we are from cold Norway we really enjoyed strolling around in the warm sun and sitting at some caf talking about how to make a perfect baguette. Again the French audience didn't disappoint us! They even got in head of us starting a wall of death all by their own.

Finally out of the bus to take a piss!

We are sad to leave France, but more great shows are coming up. Tonight we are doing a show in Switzerland. Z7 in Pratteln is the venue you wanna go to tonight. We did a show here with Heidenfest in 2012, glad to be back for some more madness!

Not long ago we started the Trollfest Street Team. This have been a great success, and we have members in loads of places around the world. They are the most eager fans we got and they are helping us out with posters and spreading the word about us. Great thing about beeing on tour now is that we finally get the chance to meet them in person. We already had some beers and good chats with the team members. Also we are happy to see some of the members meet up with each other and do stuff together! Awesome :D If some members meet through the team and gets married we will for sure play at their wedding!


This is Bolt signing out for now as we are closing in to Pratteln. Hope to see as many of you as possible at the following shows!


Last part.

Right now we are up in the air on the plane home :( I'm not sure if i'll remember all the last gigs that well but I?ll try!

The gig in Ottawa went well. A moose-hat on stage is pretty warm, but else from that alright! The local front of house were really nice. She played a lot of Kvelertak before the bands started, she was a fan of Norwegian music, so we got along very well. She also showed me how to operate the stage lights and I did the lights for the opening band and a little bit for Gypsyhawk. I think it went well considering that I've never done it before! The after-party went on pretty late on the bus. It ended in the morning when I was all fired up and tried my sister to join a band on violin... Well if she does, something good came out of it at least :)

New hat!

Day after were in Montreal, and man we were in for a treat. Steph the local promoter were our booking agent in US/Canada and tour manager on our last American tour. And obviously he did a good job on promoting the show! Around 1000 people showed up and it got really crazy that night! We like to go out in the crowd to play during some songs, but the only way to get there was to stage-dive. So that's what we did. And we did a lot of it. The wall of death and the circle pit were brutal as well! Best show on the tour for sure.

Crowd in montreal

So for the after-party. Last time we played in Montreal i had slow night, going to bed early. That was a mistake I didn't do again. There is a really cool club just over the street that has all kinds of bars in different levels, and if you played a show in the city that night you'll have beers for 1 dollar and shots for 1,50. Had some tequilas in the bar and danced to the disco-beat! After-party went on after closing ours in the bus for a while. A little bit slower then the night before, but still good! I think we watched Purple Rain for the fifth time on the TV again.

Quebec City the next day. Cozy little french speaking town. We had never been there before, but we had a great time. We all agreed to have a drinking-free day, but when I tagged along with alestorm to a bar for some food, someone bought us shots of Rum and suddenly a whole bottle stood on the table. So much for the sober-day. The venue was a smaller place attached to a restaurant. It got packed with some 200 people and again we had a great time. We had some friends coming over with home-made beer as well, and we had a good time. Had to go quick after the show were done though. We had to make it all the way down to New-York.

I was looking forward to New-York. Last time we had a great time strolling around in Central Park, Times Square and all that fun. The boys went out to see the city, but since i managed to fuck up my leg the other night by jumping down on the floor from a high speaker-stack (idiot!), and had some job to do on the computer, I stayed at the venue for the most part. I also found a dude on craigslist that were selling a fender American 5 string jazz bass dirt cheap. He brought it to the venue and suddenly i got myself a new studio-bass!

Vounds from the pit!

But I got a little taste of New York after the show. We went to legendary bar where lots of celebrity rock start used to hang out. Cool metal-club where one of the things you could do is to spin the wheel. Great concept! 3 bucks for a spin and you could get anything from nothing to crappy shots, beers, t-shirt or whatever. We all got pretty drunk.

I decided to tag along to a private after-party, and lost somewhere in Brooklyn I never found my way back to the bus before it went to the next venue. Bummer. Luckily the next venue were pretty close, so when I woke up around 14:00, i found the nearest train station and tried to find my way to Teaneck, New Jersey by public transport. Pretty cool actually, felt like i was in a movie! Managed to get there before some of the other guys even got out of their bunks actually.

Public transport to the next venue!

I don't think many touring metal-acts ever go through Teaneck. I's a really small outskirt city of New York. I went to a pizza-joint to relax a bit and get some food after the long night when people came in and talked about our bus. Told their children to go and look at it and that they never seen one before. The venue was a restaurant with a stage. Used to be named Mexicali blues club. People sat and had their dinner blown away of our set. I have no clue why we got booked there (probably the owner had to launder some money), but i think it was cool as hell! Talked to some locals that just went there to eat and listen to some country, and this is what they got. But they actually liked it and we got some people that never would listen to us to check us out. Good times!

So, time to go to Baltimore again. I'm a big fan of the series The Wire who were filmed in Baltimore. If you seen the series it's pretty dirty, but the place we went to were not like that at all. The venue is located in a really good neighborhood and it were all clean and nice. Kind of disappointing actually, but that venue are so nice so it's all right. Great backstage with shower and a big venue. Just next door is hard rock cafe, so we got some nachos and a sweater there. Dani and Mr. Seidel went eating at The Dick restaurant, where the waiter is a Dick. Great concept! The more you tip the waiter the more a dick he'll be to you! I want that job.

Funny thing abut that night were that the sister band of Alestorm, namely Halestorm also played just down the street. Maybe some went to the wrong show? Anyways, the tour manager tried to set up a meeting with all bands. I almost shit my pants, I would marry their vocalist just because of here voice. Sadly we had to go early because we had to get all the way down to Atlanta the next day. Dammit.

So Atlanta was the last concert on the tour. The tour bus looks like shit, it smells shit, the clothes are all dirty, the stage outfit is beyond dirty and the smell is like aged mixture of shit, piss and vomit. Put some bonito flake taste to it as well and you get the idea. But despise that, I didn't want to go home. The tour have been a pleasure, everyone got along really well, and just that is an art in the conditions you live in.

To celebrate this we did what the tradition tells us to do. Pranks! And man, we overdid it this time. For Gypsyhawk who are all about sex drugs and rock'n roll we made huge joints to take on stage, a box of flour and Leif dressed up as a dragon we tried to chase.

For Alestorm we found stuff to dress up like the village people. Alestorm does a cover of In the navy, so during that song we entered stage doing YMCA in costumes. The band fell apart, haha. After that prank i think everyone thought we were done. But noooooo... we bought a shitload of grown up diapers, so Trollfest, some of the Gypsyhawk guys and even the merch dude got naked in diapers and entered stage on the end of their set. Needless to say they had a hard time not laughing. We got pranked as well, lots of guys joined the stage on our last song and they all had some weird costumes. I got lifted in the air by the stagehand on the last note. Fun fun :)

So that was the end of it! I want to say thank you to all the people we worked and sheared times with on this tour! Gypsyhawk are awesome band with great music and great guys. Ian is the sweetest guy and a tight ass drummer, Bryant the new dude, is an easygoing kind as hell and great guitar player, Ron: Keep the guitar lick, smiles and ladies coming! Erik; you're the man. Great voice, great songs and awesome attitude.

Alestorm has become a monster who this sold out tour just underlined. Pete, damn you can drum! Look long to find such a hard working drummer with rigging playing and drinking. Eliot can play the keys and the ladies like no one else. Gareth is the nicest dude. I'm coming down to Leeds to have a wine and cheese party with you and purple rain! Dani; I will miss your smile and humor and you gotta have to play a solo for us! And Chris; nicest front man you will ever find, I?m blown away by your karaoke-skills and playing that key-guitar like a motherfucker. Roadie-Mauro you can toss people to the crowd as no one else. Kane; best merch-seller ever! Always happy, selling stuff like a real salesman and fixing having a blast. Last but not least Milkshake (Chris). Best tour manager ever. Taking good care of us all the time even when you didn?t need to, funny drinking-partner, great front of house and just a pleasure to work with all over.

All the great guys on tour

In the end thank you so much to the people that came to the shows, bought our merch and made this a success! We all made great new friends on this tour, and i hope to be back as soon as possible!

This is Bolt signing out for this time around. Plane lands in cold sad Norway in 3 more ours. Fuck.

Part four!

On and on we go....!

Chicago were as good as we hoped it to be. Reggie's are a really cool place to play, i got loads of history with great acts that went through that place. They also have two separate bars that connects to the venue. One rooftop bar (great after-party) and a pub with food and fernet on tap(!). I was a bit worried about the food because last time we played there i was seconds away from shiting myself on stage after the burger I got in the bar. This time I went with the chilli, and no shitting accidents :)

We got some great new friends from Gipsyhawk. You will never find more hard ass rock and rollers anywhere in the world then this guys. Ron, their guitarist used to live in Detroit for 8 years and this day we did a show in he's old regular-pub. Needless to say it turned out pretty good!

Trollbank getting ready for the show in Detroit

So next day in Cleveland were a big day for me. I used to play American football some 10 years ago, and i always wanted to see a NFL game. And now the dream came true! Cleveland browns against Pittsburgh steelers went down, and me and Mr. Mr. Seidel got some of the last tickets from a sold out game! The whole experience were crazy! I knew it was big, but not that big! The stadium alone has more shops and space then my home city. We had a great time there. Eating nachos, drinking beers, shearing for whatever team that had the ball and talking to locals.

NFL game!

When we came back to the venue we took all the energy out on stage, and we came up with might be the best stage outfit so far. Hilarious!

Me and Ron had some shots in the bus after the show and i think that night turned out as the hardest after party i ever had. We (Including 120kg tour manager) danced to steel panther so the bus almost tipped over, just one of the events going down that night...

Hangover day in Columbus... I looked like i had been in a boxing-fight. Still the gig went alright, we met a lot of people that saw our show the last time. Always good to meet up with some locals! Same venue as last time. Alrosa Willa is the venue where Dimebag got shot. Strange place to do a show, but this time it was a good non-violent crowd :)

So next day were at the Smiling moose in Pittsburgh. Really small venue in second floor and a cozy bar downstairs. Freezing outside so we just stayed inside eating food and drinking beers in the bar. The show were sold out and with no airconditionig it got pretty warm on that stage! One of the best things about this tour is that the bus has a shower, and after this gig we all needed it. Think i lost a couple of kilos during the 45 min of playing.

Crowd in Pittsburgh

The bus had to leave early bc now it was time for border crossing to Canada again. We did a show in London, Ontario for the first time. Fucking blizzard outside, but Me, Leif and Trollbank went out to find a gym and tried to make the body work again. Big venue this time, and maybe a 100 people showed up. Most of them sitting in the bar or in the booth. But hey, we got wireless. If the audience don?t come to us we go to them. Me and Mr. Seidel ordered a beer in the bar during the first song and on the second one we sat in all different places during the song. The audience got the hint eventually and they all came in front of the stage in the end of the show.

After the show and load out some of us went to a karaoke-bar. Hammered an beer and booze we did our best to hit the notes. This were the night when we got a new roadie on the tour. He made a good entrance with singing a song that lasted for 5 minutes and the only words that the song had were ?i want to fuck you all night long?

I tried (and failed) on come together by Beatles, but Chris from Alestorm nailed some old Scottish drinking-songs! Even the Japanese audience were impressed and laughed their ass of.

Japanese karaoke fans!

Last night were Toronto. We played there before and it was great so we had high hopes for this one, and man it was epic! Best show on the tour! Big sold out venue and crazy crowd! Me and Mr. Mr. Seidel crowd-surfed while playing and the wall of death was awesome.

Gypsyhawk had some friends that we all met up with and they invited us to a really cool bar for a great after-party. Earlier that day we did a discussion about horsepower and newton. How much is really 100 Newton? This reflected in the bar and we found a rolled newspaper and started to hit each other with different newtons. We figured it all out. 40 Newtons don?t hurt but 140 Newtons does. So after that little experiment rumors got to the other bands and tour manager that we all had a fight in the band. When i got in the bus, Shake (tour manager) told me that we had to make up and be friends.. hehehe, we are always friends. But nerveless i went back in the bus and said that its a rumor that we all are fighting. So to make this rumor go away we all got bare naked and went for a run in the front lounge where all the other people were sitting and drinking, Pete actually got some scratches from a dick hitting him in he's side. Good times!

So today we are in Ottawa for the first time. Great neighborhood, me and Manskow went for a walk to a marketplace. Got myself a new hat. I think it's suppose to be a moose, but it might be a horse or a cow. In any case it's staying on my head for tonight?s show. I have no doubt that it's gonna be another great show. It's Friday and Canadians are a lot of fun! See ya all soon!


On a buzz part three!

Part three!

The tour goes on, and Canada part one is over and done with. Vancouver turned about to be a really great show. The venue were sold out long before doors opened, so they let about 120 people over maximum in. Pretty crazy. There were also some dancers there that came on stage during a song with us. Fun fun. Beer was good as well, they had some really good local stuff, apparently to the locals you don?t get hangovers from it. I got to say i disagree with that statement when I arrived in Calgary the day after.


As it was a long ride from Vancouver to Calgary we had about 12 ours drive. Garreth bought a 5 liter wine, I had some cheese in the fridge and Dani put Purple Rain on the TV. Suddenly a boring buss-ride went to a cozy wine and cheese party :) after 5 glasses if wine and a movie, we arrived in Calgary. As the hangover went away and we had some time to kill we found a gym where some of us went for a good old work-out. Then it was Starbucks, concert, after-party, and bedtime. Just another day.

The next day we were back in Regina, a cool venue called The Exchange. We were at that same venue as with paganfest, and there is a place where you get everything you'll ask for. You'll get as much beer and food you want, and everyone is super friendly. We have a friend there who joined in on Karve playing a kazoo.. Good to be back.

Backstage in Regina

Next day were familiar as well, again we played that same venue last time we were here. I also knew about a good bar close by, so we went there to spend some ours before the show. We got pretty hammered and developed a couple of drinking-games where we had to draw stuff out of memory. Trollbank went crazy with the shaving. Made a wifebeeter and a crew-cut. Just nice to fit in.

Trollbank's new look

Then it was a day of. Usually that is a really boring day, but this time around we stopped by mall of America. They got a aquarium that was pretty cool, and not far away they had the biggest indoor water park in the US. Got to wash away two weeks of drunkness, go with watersides and I even got to go surfing on a fake surfwawe. Really fun! When we got out of there i just had a little to eat before passing out in the bunk.

Aquarium @ the mall of america

Today it's Friday in Chicago. Again, this is the same venue as last time, and last time it were completely sold out. Expecting nothing less this time!

On a buzz part two!

Lets see what happened the last days... Vegas were cool, fake but cool. The fountains, the volcano, the people, the attitude. I got a henna-tattoo, did some gambling (and won!), saw the fountain-show 4 times (we all loved it!), tried to tress pass a crime-scene. (someone got shot on the street outside of the venue), and I rounded up the night by talking to a loudmouth tough-guy who bought me tequila shots. He puked on the bar eventually. Bolt ? toughguy 1-0.

Las Vegas

The day after were the completely different city San Francisco. Big and fake were replaced with small and friendly. We played on the smallest venue ever, but the place got packed with 300 pepole and went apeshit! Had a super time there. The staff at the venue, the crowd and everybody were just super nice. I met some friends form last time we were there so that mad it even nicer. Had a little spin the bottle competition as well. I ended up doing push-ups while making ape-noises, Leif climbed a pole, Garroth swapped shirts with the smallest girl in the crowd, Mr.Seidel kissed Trollbank... Good times!

High class drinking in San Fran!

And we go to Portland! Same venue as the last time, so we knew it would be good. It's a cozy bar there to hang out with the locals and get wasted, so we did exactly that. Again we met some people from last time who has a mead brewery, and they brought us a case of the best mead I ever tasted! One day that mead will take over the world. The crowd were extreme! We did a wall of death on the song ?rundt blet? right before it the crowd stamped their feets so hard that the whole floor bounced up and down. Needless to say, the wall of death were hard! Sorry for all the teeth that got knocked out, but y'all got Obama-care now right?


Yesterday in Seattle were good as well, I met a local in a bar while having breakfast and she told me all about the city and surroundings. Ended up taking here advice and some of us went to the farmers marked who were a really cool place. Found the hard rock cafe as well and had some beers and burgers. Show went well, good crowd and lots of fun. Crowdsurfing while playing? Sure, why not.

Crowd in Seattle

So now we're back in Canada! This time on a really cool bar, Funky Winkerbeans. Last time we were in Vancouver we had a blast so what will happen here this time? I don't know, but i know for sure that something will! Show up and you''ll find out!

This is Bolt signing out, come and meet us at a show and have some fun!

On a buzz part one!

The heat, the energy! Desert rats!

We started this trek in Santa Ana, California amidst crickets, squirrels and the relentless rays of the American sun. Seven pale norwegians slowly turning pink ripsnorted through a great first show, but it must be admitted that certain of us were slightly sore the day after.

first day we got stopped for a friendly chat with the local police

Right of the bat, I must say it feels GREAT to be back in America again! I have missed the heat, and the honesty and in-your-face attitude of American fans.

The bus is sweet, Alestorm and crew are the sweetest touring company, and... Well, if it were to get any sweeter now you might as well call me Susan. The view from the bus has been sand, sand, mountains and sand. I am sick of it? No way! I thrive in the heat and the sun! (I dont know if the others guys agree with me though. Pussies) I can't stand the inside of the bus when the air condition is on. I'd rather be slightly scorched than freezing to death.

Hanging around in Vegas!

We got a pleasant surprise in Santa Ana, the guys from Helsott came to great us with hugs and gifts! Much love to those guys, we love 'em. They even joined us on stage! Thanks

Funniest things so far: Henna tattooing, trying out SWAT gear with a police officer, gambling with old women (whatever that means...), winning the "don't-puke-from-tequila-shots-with-american-tough-guy-competition, getting tipped 20$ for playing a good show and finally, Mr.Seidels sausages.

We received a warm welcome at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix, Arizona. Hey Joe, thanks so much for making us feel welcome!We even got free drinks from the girl behind the bar who could not stop giggling because we "looked silly" on stage. Hey, better to look silly and be remembered than looking boring and be forgotten!

Afterparty in a local pub in Pheonix!

The venues on this tour are smaller and way more intimate than last time around, and it feels good to experience the fans face to face, exchanging lyrics and spit, literally.

It feels awesome to get going again, and I can't believe we have 22 shows left!!

Leif (two rum & coke's down), all smiles and giggles, signing out!

Studio update!!

Soooooo. A while since the last studio update. why?? You got it -we are bussy recording!

We are done with a lot of stuff, but we always want to develop and do everything a lot better then last time so we are going crazy with LOADS of instruments this time! And the progress is going forward as a french concorde!

We are currently working in 4 different studios. The well known Trallbank's Trollskogen Recodig facilities, Lodd Bolt's Strnen studio, Drekkadag's Metronopolis Studio and Amb Studio. This is to make things as effective as possible. In the end everything will end up where it started in Kirkesola's DUB-studio for mixing it all together better then your favourit gin-tonic.

Right now Manskow and Drekkadag is recoding the accordion in Metronopolis!

Earlyer this week we were doing some good old man-choir also in Metronopolis. got some help from great friends!

Bass is recorded at Strnen studio..

While driving to the studio, Bolt's acooter unleashed hell!

We have recorded a lot of precussion, Trollmannen is a expert in making strange things sound good!

Also accoustic guitars has been recorded, as well as the well known bouzouki! Did you know that it?s a greek instrument? And the name bouzouki comes from the Turkish word "Bozuk" meaning "Modifyed"? Well now you know, and the morale of this is.. none, We like the instrument.

As i mentioned earlyer, we are trying out some newinstruments this time

To mention a couple of things we never have used before there is (BEEEP) and (BEEP) wo wil make the (BEEP) sound a lot better. Also we are doing some (BEEP) in a couple of songs. It souns a litte like (BEEP).

In between the recording battles, we went to germany to play at wolfzeit. A short stay, but great to meet up with Varg who we had loads of fun with at last years Heidenfest.

Speeking of heidenfest, go chek out the tourvideos! We just uploaded some episodes from last years touring! Loads of fun and great shows!

We are really looking forward to present you this album. The closer we get to the end of recording, the more we feel confident that this is going to be killer! Hopefully you'll have this monster in your hands soon!

Studio recording and festival fun!

It's no rest for the wicked trolls.. Recording of guitars in studio goes steadely forward. Dr. Lef Kjnnsfleis and Mr. Seidel works hard to make things perfect in trollskogen recording facileties.

The other dudes in the band has their work cut out as well, Trollmannen is thinking hard to make some badass lyrics on the plane

Lodd Bolt is trying to figure out some good basslines in he's studio

But that's not all..! We went to play for the biggest audience so far at Masters Of Rock in Czch Republic! One crazy festival for sure! We had had a early slot on the main stage thursday but LOADS of pepole showed up and we had a grat time in the sun!!

Pumped on andrenalin a couple of the bandmebers decided to do a bungiejump from a 70m high crane and ofcourse everyone got drunk at the afterparty.

When we got up bit hangover we found out that the shuttle to the airport were a little blit late.. so when it came we were happy that we counted in some extra time. But when one thing happens another often awatis.. The car suddenly broke down when we had 2 more ours to go..!

But with spirit high and never give up attitude we used remaining-duck tape on the engine and worked as a lubricated furmula-1 team to fix problems as we went, and in some magic way we managed to get on the flight back to good old Norway juuust tin time!

In the weeks to come more pre-prodding and recording is going down. More news to follow!

Guitar recording!

So after the drums were done, we used a while to find a good guitarsound before we moved all the stuff toTrollbank's studio for some serius shredding.


Dr. Leif Kjnnsfleis and Mr. Seidel have had their work cut out for them the last week, and the progress is going good! This record will be a kolossus midget of an hard and soft thing that will make you feel something or nothing. or maybe it will be something else than that... in any case it will bee a great one!

We have done some normal rehearsing as well.. in just 4 days we are playing in mighty Masters Of Rock! We are really looking forward to that show! Thursday 15:10 on the Ronnie james dio stage all hell will brake loose!

In the days and weeks to come more guitar will be recorded, no rest for the busy Trolls! But no guitarhero can survive without some bbq, so while the guitarists does their thing, Manskow and Trollbank provides the neseessary fuel to keep them running.

Drum recording day 3!

Ohh yeah!!

The last 3 songs are down on tape and we are done with the drumrecording (exept for one part of one song)! It's only mid-day of day 3, and we booked 4 days to do the recording. Kudos to Trollbank!

Since we have more time left we are going to start finding a killer guitarsound in Curch-rum's studio before we start tracking it back in "Trollskogen-recording facilities" How it that possible you say? Well, it's year 2013 and technology have made the world a small place. We will continue with guitars, bass and all the other stuff in varius studios around in the following weeks.

Trollbank got some well deserved ice-cream! Just need to find the drumstick-bag

We also have a festival coming up, Masters of rock in Czech Republic 10 days from now.. So its time again to find a good setlist and rehearse like hell. Hope to see you there!

Dub studio

So now we are enjoying a couple of beers and trying out some fresh wigs.. Can you fit 7 pepole in oner room? No problem.

Good times in studio

Studio recording day 2!

day 2 in studio went like a charm! Trollbank got 5 more song down on tape, just 3 more to go for tomorrow! Check out the mighty tracksheet:

What do you think of the titles??

Between the blastbeats and groovy rythms the humor gets dryer and dryer (that's what she said) but still no fistfights (so far)

Entering the studio of hell

Tomorrow we are going to record the rest of the songs... and than what? Saturday you say? hmmm...

You got it.. Beer time!

New album recording day 1!


We are in studio! Yey! It's time to start recording a new full-length album again. It's going to be Trollfest's full lenght number six (goddam!). This time around we have bunkered up at Endre Kirkesola's (norwegian name for Church-sun) Dub Studio. The previous albums have been recorded at Strand Studio wich has worked our really good, but as the aging, thrillseeking and shifting trolls that we are we wanted to try something new. So now it's Church-burn's turn to show of he's skills.

Trollbank on he's way to the studio!

Half of today went by to rig and adjust the sound to the drums. As always, Trollbank is the first one out to work he's magic behind the drumset. After puting up the kit, tune the drums and finding the sweet spot for every mike, Trollbank blasted he's way through 3 songs! 8 more to go!

Drumkit in pieces

For the first time in Trollfest's history we are not using any triggers, sound-replacement or any other digital stuff on the drums. Behold organic trollfest sound! Exiting for all of us, and we think it's gonna be killer!

Trollbank behind the set

Reno and Portland

We arrived in rocking Reno thursday 5. april and immmideately hit the in an out burger for som local cuisine. A beatiful experience of gastric enjoyment. The alley was our venue and the party started right away. The localshad a fine tradition of giving the bands rounds of liqeur and that is a good start for a beautiful friendship.

The crowd was really into the band as well and the whole night ended in a party were all the bands was partying together with bands in the bar. Next day kind of reflected our mood with a lot of rain and cold weather.

How to repair this? Well all of us seemed to go for the healthy stuff with sushi and fruit. That lasted for like four minutes and then we hit the macaroni and cheese and mead and mojito and bloody mary and whisky and coke and over all absinth 78%. Suddenly the mood had changed for some reason and we were gettting ready to play. The venue was Hawthorne theater in Portland, Oregon. The crowd was going crazy at the first song and it got crazier and crazier. At one moment a girl started licking the foot of our singer Trollmannen. It's got to be a first thing for everything. Well that was a good start of the evening. Then it's go on and on and right now we are drinking amazingly good homemade mead called Slaughterhouse from a friend we met at the concert. Hail to Jeff Raude the supplier of amazing liquer. Right now we have no idea were this night is going.

Trollfest Paganfest Vinland 2013

We are a bit late with this blog. We are currently in Reno at the 5. concert on the paganfest tour an the sixth concert for Trollfest. What that means is that we had a concert in Mexio city before starting the Heidenfest. Let's rewind to Mexico city. We landed there after a grueling 17 hour flight from Oslo. Those 17 hours ment nothing when meeting a hord of local fans at the airport. We hail Trollfest Mexico for their fantastic welcome. The show in Mexico was crazy. Hot and a lot of "loco" metalheads gave a fantastic first concert, but hopefully not the last, for Trollfest in Mexico. A big thanks to Jen, Gabriel and Steph for taking care of us in the big and scary Mexico City!

Empty venue in mexico and other pictures from Mexico

Next show was in Denver. Another hard trip without any sleep. Denver seemed like a real nice city to us. Some technical problems before the show gave us the much needed adrenalin to do a kick ass show with kick ass audience. Nothing more to be said - smash in the face.

Venue in Denver

Next we had a day off in Aleberquerque and spent it on a bar owned by a nice guy with a Norwegian fiance who gave him strict instructions to take well care of us. That ment enormous amounts of hospitality and booze. Met a lot of nice people that night and of course some who worked on Breaking bad, the pride of Alberquerque.

Next day the hangover hit us really bad. We arrived in Tempe and they were still building the stage when we arrived . Everything was disastrously late and everything seemed very improvised. We also got a sample of the alcohol restrictions in Arizona. No drinking in the parking lot, no drinking at stage, no drinking outside small, designated areas, no drinking without a white wristband on your RIGHT hand. Well as you can understand we had a shitty concert with shitty sound and we had to cut our set since we were so delayed. I feel a bit sorry for the audience that things were not better organized since it could have been a magick evening under the stars of the Arizona sky. Well, some of the other bands on the tour made it a bit more magical than us and we have to give a big hand to other bands on the paganfest tour. We share bus with the physical big netherlander - Heidefolk. With a mean weight of over 100 kg and 1.95 m height (one adoping the name "Billy Brytebiff") they give a weighty argument to the more vocaldriven metal with two mitghty good vocalists. And talking about vocals, Heidefolk are loud people. Our bus is so loud at night that it sounds like we have moved the Paganfest concerts inside the bus.

Then we have the amazing Tyr from Fareo Islands. They have perfected the skill of singing in harmony of fourths over a more progressive metalcomp. The headliners on this tour is Ensiferum and play a kind of uptempo epic metal with vocals similar to wintersun. And the poor fellas who drive around in a van getting no sleep at all are the 1. band out. The amazing Hellsot guys from California.

Construction site

Well, then we rolled in to LA on the 2. of april to play at the house of blues. We went straight away to Barneys Beanery to consume an enourmous breakfest with trollfest. I had a 2 cm ham slice with runny eggs and onion rings. Very filling. Then we went to the Rainbow club to get some booze. we hooked up with the guy playing leatherface in the two last chainsaw massacre movies. Nice guy and very drunk. Mr.Seidel and Dr.Leif Kjnnsfleis was on fire to be in the city were their heroes in Metallica started their career. Seeing "Whiskey A Go Go" for them was like seeing Jesus, Mary and Joseph riding into town on a donkey!

Barneys brakefest.

House of blues, were it all took place!!

the Rainbow club, so fucking cool to have been there!!

The house of blues concert was great. Everything was perfect on stage and the energy was on top. Top concert!

How could we top this day. Well what about going to San Fransico? Waking up after an awesome party and witnessing the beautiful city of San Fransico was a sight to behold! After doing some serious touristing (Pier 39 and seeing Alcatraz) we hit the stage and everything exploded. A fucking killer gig with killer audience. Really extrem. And the night just got better and better and when Ensiferum played everybody was "bonkers on mars". The night on town was as extreme as the consert. With shotting, spanking and fetish clubs. Hail free San Fransisco. We hope to be back soon!


Now we are getting ready for our show in Reno, sitting on the bus drinking Corona, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Rom&Coke and some other assorted beverages! Going to be a afterparty we might not remember! See all you crazy Reno-fuckers at "The Alley" later today!!

Cheers from the Mighty Drekka Dag!!!


So we're inSaarbrcken, and we woke up to some exeptionally sweet and nice catering girls in the backstage. We wanted to swim today, so one of the girls drove us to a waterpark where some of the trolls was sliding, getting massage, diving and just having fun wile washing of the road dirt. Now we are nice and clean Trolls :)

The stage (garage) is also very nice, and it's our first time here inSaarbrcken so we are really looking forward to the show! Something special will happen on stage today as well...

We are also having a blast as audience as well. Mr. Seidel and Kane from Korpiklaani was right in front of the stage during the wintersun concert! This is the prove:

Good times on the road!

-L. Bolt


So the tours goes on.. Shows every day and a lot of great beer.. We are getting in to the rythme pretty good, but sometimes we simply had enough of eachother.. This came out in a big clash between Kjnnsfleis and Trollbank, a little blood spilled, but exept from that things are going smooth! Tonight it's mnchen's turn at bacstage venue. Come and see us!

Trollbank og Leif Kjnnsfleis is hammering it out!


We are well hung over in Prauge today. Shitty weather and shitty mood after an extatic night in rocking Leipzig yesterday. Our brains were literally on fire yesterday and we hammered out a new consept for our new album in a drunken stupor and thats just of many plans being laid that evening... Well all coins have a backside and we met that backside when we woke up this morning. Hail to the people of Leipzig who attended our consert yesterday an gave us such a great evening.



After a fantastic show in Italy yesterday, and a very long drive, we are now hanging out backstage in Austria. The town is Wien and the venue is the Gasometer and it is going to be awesome according to random dude number five.

Day 4..

Day 4..Tonight we are back in pratteln on the Z7-stage. Nice venue and we are really looking forward to tonights show!

The last tree days have been great, every day it's nice pepole, good food, great beer and happy audience! Amazing show yesterday, got to hand it to you Netherland, you know how to rock even when the time is just 16:00!

we don't leave for the next venue before 12:00 tomorrow bc there is only a 2 hour drive to tomorrow's stage, so if you want to heng out after the show, we wont be leaving early tonight!

Waking up in tilburg

Yesterdays show in Stuttgardt was awesome, great crowd, great crew, plenty of booze and a very nice party atmosphere. As some of you may know, waking up today was a bit of a struggle, hordes of lumberjacks have sneaked into our heads during the night and now they chop down trees and sing the song from snow white and the seven dwarves. Today we are going to play the 013 venue in Tilburg and we are very excited. The stage is awesome and the venue looks really cool, its going to be fun phun fun...

Heidenfest day 1!

Allright so we're finally on tour!

We arrived Germany yesterday with thewonderful airline KLM (They got free beer!)There we met up with the great guys fromKorpiklaani, wich will stay on the same busas us.

After getting in the bus and drive for acouple of hours, we went out to taste thegerman beers and nightlife in Essen, beforegetting in our bunks for a snoringsymphony..

But no lazy trolls today, we got up andwent to a aquarium, saying hi to som sharksand other fancy water creatures...

Now we are just waiting to enter stage, andwe are super psyced for today. The venue isTurbinhalle in Oberhausen. If you are here,come and have a blast with us! We willenter stage as early as 5, bc we are 7bands playing.. but it's all good, moretime to party!

Let the games begin!

first free beer on the plane

On the bus!

turbinhalle! nice stage!

aquarium time!



Milan started out great with beautiful sunshine and a cooooolld beer! TrollBANK crashed his crash-cymbal, so it got killed. We had to find a musicstore faster than fast, so he could get a new and alive cymbal. We found what we were looking for and the rest of the tour was saved:) We started playing early this day because the venue was going to be a gay-club after the concert. This sucked more than just dick, because some fans of TrollfesT never got to see us, because the website stated that the concert started 22:00 instead of 19:15. Well, hopefully we will be back faster than fast. The audience was great and we had a blast on stage!


Today we actually had some time to do tourist things so we went into the city centre and saw some statues, some churches and ate some pizzas and pastas. The food was really good even though it took the better part of a decade before it arrived. After some more touristy stuff we went back to the venue and had a great time onstage. Mr. Seidel thought he spotted some homemade trollfest t shirts in the crowd and sure enough, after the show we met some really nice people who had actually made some trollfest t shirts for us. Unlike us, greedy t-shirt pushing euro hunting bastardos, they gave them to us for free. Needless to say they are going up on the rehearsalroom wall as soon as we get home. We had a great party with them outside our bus after the venue had closed, and that seriously pissed off our busdriver who missed his last half hour of sleep because we were screaming and yelling drinking songs.

Back in France, Toulon

We had a blast in Spain and Portugal, but it still was good to be back in France.You guys were fantastic :-)

We knew Toulun was gonna be good when hearing a horn blowing outside our bus signalling it was time for a toast. The horn sounded a lot of times before the concert started. When we went on stage all hell broke loose with constant crowdsurfing and stagediving. We had a blast in Toulun and as always in France the food was exellent.

Sevilla & Valencia!


The venue had the greates entrance ever! A giant ego ramp where we had to walk over the audience to get to the stage, hell yeah! Boosted our ego! The show was fucking great, met some awesome guys from MetalCamp, and all in all a great evening! After the show we had a good time drinking and listening to bands like Metallica, Pantera, etc. Hell yeah! Ugha bugha! Countrymusic rocks with the boots on!!!1111!


We were all very excited to come to Valencia because we were told that the biggest aquarium in europe is there. After the quickest set-up of the tour we all jumped into a taxi and drove off to the aquarium. It was fucking awesome. We had two hours there and we got to see most of the attractions. We missed the dolphin show, but then again we probably spent thirty minutes just going back and forth in the underwater tunnel looking at the sharks. The only let down was that we could not see the octopus, then again he is a true master of disguise. The show was a lot of fun as well and the crowd was cool. We realy hope to play in spain again as soon as possible.


Lisboa last nght was fucking cool!

One of the best crowds so far. We saw more of peoples feet than on any other concerts, because of half the audience was fucking crowdsurfing!

We needed that kick from the audience after a recordbreaking long soundcheck and exhausting day. Our hail goes to the people of Lisboa who gave us much love and a lot of beer and mead on stage. TrollfesT loves ya!!!

Porto, Portugal

Yesterday we woke up to this beautiful view!

As it turned out, some of the people here like us as well! We're baffeled!

After playing some music and meeting some of the fine folks in this town, we had to have our normal porsion of god old fun.

Drekka Dag led the way:

And off course, after some good partying you always need some:

here we are under the bridge by the harbour in Porto, eating food and drinking lovely Sangria!

cant wait to play in Lisbon tonight! :D

Madrid & Santiago!

For the first time ever Trollfest played in Madrid and what better way to celebrate that than with a piece of fan made cake. As you can see in this photo it was a delicious cake, and it tickled Manskows "granny-tastebuds" so ferociously he almost fell out of a chair. After our show we hung around talking to some of the nice people who had come out to see us and we even met a guy who came all the way from Marokko. Thats a We certainly hope to come back to Madrid as soon as possible.

The following day we went to Santiago (also for the first time) and we actually had time to try ourselves at this tourist buisness. We went to see a veryold church, laughed at the smiling horses outside and lamented the poor people who were in the church actually worrying about this silly god shite those old perverts invented so long ago. We even got yelled at for wearing a hat inside, which reminded me of good old George Carlins observation: Catholic men and Jewish women are forbidden to wear hats inside the church while Catholic women and Jewish men must wear hats inside the church. Somebody is completely wrong here, could it be both of them???

After the show we joined some very fine folk and went to a local metal pub called TNT, it was a fuckin blast and we even got some flaming shots from the barkeeper so all the trolls were very happy.

A little update from the trolls which now has arrived in Barcelona.

We arrived early here in Barcelona and spent the day walking around the beach and enjoying ice cream and sun.

A really beautiful day and nice for us to finally feel some warm weather after a long winter home in Norway.

Wish we could stay here some days, but life on the road is hard, and tomorrow we have to enjoy the sun in Madrid instead.

A big thanks to all who showed up at our gig in Bilbao yesterday. You were a killer audience!

And we got killer food as well:

Now its time to prepare for the show, which means drink more beer.

Enjoy some of todays pictures:


Yo fellas! A little update from yesterdays show in Lyon. Where we once again played for a really energetic french audience. The circlepit keeps getting better and better each day. To bad we didnt have time to explore the city of Lyon more, but we will be back, hopefully next tour, for ever crazy circlepits and delicious wine.

Thanks for all who showed up, here is some picture for you to enjoy!

We certainly appritiate these ques before the shows!

We took so many pictures with our fans that we got envious and wanted a picture with us ourself as well.

You guys were amazing!

Trollfest now on European-tour with Korpiklaani!

We're now in Toulouse in France and its the fifth day of the tour.

We're relaxing backstage with beers, waiting to go on stage.

So far the tour has been great! We started off at the PPM festival in Belgium were we saw the biggest circel-pit we've seen in a long time! And we even witnessed a guy crowdsurfing with a kilt, with his feet spread out in the air and cock and balls on display. Nice!

Next up was Paaspop festival in Nederland.

We fittingly played at the Jack Daniels stage

We got all the booze we wanted:

...and the chocolate fountain:

So..., the most essential was in order.

Next up was Lille in France and it was nice to be back!

It was a great show just as it was at Heidenfest!

Thanks to the folks that went to see us again and to the people that came up to us and hang out after the show.

Still in France, next up was Paris

A big thanks to everyone that qued up in the rain to catch the show

We were overwhelmed by the respons from the audience. You guys was crazier than expected!

We were all drained in sweat after and during the concert.

A big thanks, we had an amazing time :-)

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