Spaghetti western in Bologna in Italy

Dear Tourdiary:

We woke up cheerful and ready for a day in Italy. A new place, never explored by us Trolls before. To our surprise and genuine happiness Italy was warmer than most places we Trolls know about at this time of year. Our lent musician, Leif, even found time to work on his tan on this sunny day.

We also wanted to explore the area seeing as Italy is new to us. Here I am with Mr. Seidel, Manskow and TrollBANK on the nearby hill we found by walking for only ten minutes out of the venue:

In this next picture, I tried to capture the large landscape seen from behind the venue. The area was huge:

Well blog, that appears to be all for now, except from that we hope to see a jumping dancing crowd tonight. I already heard some folks singing the melody from "Sagaen om Suttungs Mjd" (that "lalala"-song from our first album), so it all looks jolly promising. That also means we need to do a good show, and look at the time: While I've been rambling on it's already preparation time for tonightsshow. Got to run!

-PsychoTroll signing out

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