Forza Italia!! om NOM NOM NOM !!

Hi!! We shredded through Italia yesterday, glorious reception by fantastic fans!! This was our first time in Italia, definitely not the last!! They have it all here, beautiful women, sensitive male fanatics, and even big concrete parking lots perfect for tantalizing tactical training and bodybuilding for big bully-boys. Trollbank and Leif are now so big and muscly that the usual front-first-into-the-bus is now impossible. Sideways it is, but it wont be long before the pectorals will be a hindrance to access all areas, too. We dont know when that will happen, only that it will happen. Drekka Dag is extremely emotional right now, he is on the brink of tears, and you know what that means. Mr Seidel got downstairs to get relieved. Psychotroll is nosing around the venue, smelling for scraps of vegans/christians, or both. Manskowalmost got his face raped.Close, but no sigar.

Now we are in Ljubljana, and we allready know that the show tonight is gonnabe a blistering barrage of benignbastard ballet, orwe might even have a full scale FACKING riot!! The trolls are tighter than Prince Charles' arsehole, and they will kill tonight!! NIIIARGHH!!!! Heads will be digitally removed!!!

Yours truly, Drekka Dag & Leif Kjnnsfleis

PS. We even forgave Iceland today.

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