Studio update day 2, continuing with the drums

Day two, and TrollBANK has proven to be super efficient. We are looking at at least six songswithdrums recorded in just two days. This is not only according to schedule, but slightly ahead, even. It will probably prove useful later on. Off course, that TrollBANK is recording fast is not the only thing. He is also precise and laying down some really heavy stuff mixed with funk, blast beats, and whatcha?callit. To listen to how the songs shape up just by getting proper drum-tracks is really rewarding. The drumsound we got kicks so much ass that we can?t help ourselves from being superpsyched about laying down more stuff already!

For now: Pats on the back to TrollBANK, our eminent superman behind the drums, fellow trolls! Stay tuned! The story continues tomorrow!


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