Studio report day 7

Second day of guitar recording, and Mr. Seidel has finished four song so far. And we are now recording a song which soundslike a mixture of old Mayhem and Mexican brass music. Its probably the most furious TrollfesT song ever made.

Second day indeed, and shredding is most certainly on the menu! TrollBANK and myself (PsychoTroll) can only sit here and feel sorry for Mr.Seidel's poor guitars, who have to undergo such violent treatment like today. While Mr.Seidel is melting guitar picks what we can listen to afterwards sound tremendously awesome! It's such a pain to have to wait for quite some time before we can actually show you, but good it will be indeed!

-TrollBANK and PsychoTroll checking out, and leaning back for more shredding.

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