Studio report day 8, screaming and shredding

Yesterday Mr. Seidel did the guitars for three songs, which means a total of six songs so far! He's coming back today to show us some more of his shredding skills, but first Trollmannen has arrived to start on his screaming, growling and general reflections about the important things in life. Expect some more fascinating stories about the adventures of the well known trolls, and of course some new ones. His voice sounds greater than ever and hearing the songs with vocals really makes them come to life!

After a short trip down to Texburger to celebrate the awesomeness of the two songs Trollmannen did the vocals on, it's now time for Mr. Seidel to get his groove on with some riffs that will make your head bang for sure!

-Cheers from Manskow, Trollmannen, TrollBANK and Mr. Seidel

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