Studio report day 10, So...

Another day and another holler, I (trollmannen) have been to the studio again today and done some shouting and screaming for another three songs bringing the vocal total up to five tracks done. Now I am kicking back and enjoying Mr. Seidels stressed out concentration face as he is currently blasting out possibly the fastest trollfest song ever

Dont feel sorry for him, he made it himself. All in all the recording of the new album has been going very very well so far, but now that I have jinxed it by mentioning it we will probably get into some major fuckin technical fuck ups or something very very soon. Not to worry though, technical difficulties generally means drinking break for band, and we sure do love our drinking breaks.

In other news, we were officially confirmed and announced for the extremefest 2012 today. Lets hope the mayans were wrong. We sure as hell cant wait to be playing live again, and if we are really lucky we will do somelive showseven before that. But only if we are lucky, so cross your fingers for us folks.

That?s it for todays update, enjoy your friday beers people and fucking cheers everybody!!


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