Studio report day 14 - Screaming and growling!! BRUMLEBASSEN

Trollmannen has tracked 3 songs today and getting close to the finish line! As you can see from the picture below, he takes his job seriously, and every song must meet his highest standard:

Christina Aguilera can get go fuck her self, Trollmannens exceptional vocalskills far surpasses every pop-singer wannabe out there. Below you can see him reaching the perfect pitch without any problems:

Today Leif Kjønnsfleis visited the studio to lay down some backing vocals. He was pumped and ready. I think even Max Cavalera would be scared out of his pants today when Leif started growling!

Cheers from Manskow, Trollmannen, Mr.Seidel and Leif Kjønnsfleis.

We`ll be back again tomorrow with more updates:)

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