Studio report day 14 - Screaming and growling!! BRUMLEBASSEN

Trollmannen has tracked 3 songs today and getting close to the finish line! As you can see from the picture below, he takes his job seriously, and every song must meet his highest standard:

Christina Aguilera can get go fuck her self, Trollmannens exceptional vocalskills far surpasses every pop-singer wannabe out there. Below you can see him reaching the perfect pitch without any problems:

Today Leif Kjnnsfleis visited the studio to lay down some backing vocals. He was pumped and ready.I think even Max Cavalera would be scared out of his pants today when Leif started growling!

Cheers from Manskow, Trollmannen, Mr.Seidel and Leif Kjnnsfleis.

We`ll be back again tomorrow with more updates:)

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