Studio report day 15

Today is the last recording day in Strand studios for TrollfesT.  We have just completed all of Trollmannens vocals, Mr. Seidels electric guitars, Psychotrolls bass and of course Trollbanks drums.

Trollmannen celebrated with a burger:

At the moment we are all enjoying Per Spelemans company and talent as he lays down his awesome vocals on some of our songs.  He also has a really nice smile, as Manskow has proved by taking this picture:


Mr Seidel on the other hand could not afford a burger today, so he ate some plastic that used to contain bakery goods but had unfortunatly been emptied before he found it.  Between us though, my guess is he didnt notice...

In this picture Manskow finally got to hold Trollmannens favorite lyrics-writing pen.  This particular container of ink has actually written stuff for the last three trollfest records and we are all surprised it is not lost yet.  Who the fuck has a pen for more than a week????  Apparently Trollmannen does.  What a nerd!

Now, it might seem like we are done recording the new album, but that is not the case.  Now we are going into trollskogen recording studios  (also known as our respective flats and apartments), and this is were it will go from fun to awesome for us.  We are now going to record everything else that makes up a Trollfest record.  That means choirs, trumpets, acoustic guitars, bouzoukies, tambourin, accordion, saxophones, oud, mandolin, banjo, violin, cello, mellotron, darbuka, djembe, Psychotrolls clean vocals, woodblocks, castanyetts, eggs, maracas, MORE COWBELLs of course, triangle, flamenco guitars, stupid shit we think of right then and there, some more guest vocals from some fine folk we know and of course have a truckload of beer to test out our music properly!! 

Wish us luck people, best regards;

Manskow, Mr. Seidel, Per Spelemann and Trollmannen.

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