Studio report day 17 - Speedy Gonzales!!!

Today Mr.Seidel and TrollBANK manage to record alot of acoustic guitar, trumpet, drum andflute. And it was all just super fast balkan melodies. As you can see from the pictures below, we are not kidding when we say super fast! It has taken us years and years and years of practise to achieve the technicalskills to master these extremly fastbalkan melodies. Speedy Ggonzales have been our apprentice andwe hope and think he will be very proud when he gets to listen to our new speedy songs! All hail Speedy Gonzales and True Norwegian Speed Balkan Metal!!!!

TrollBANK laying down some extremely fast melodies on his trusted bouzouki. Sounds great!!

The acoustic guitar is also used to enhance the balkan melodies. Here you see Mr.seidel in action, relaxed and enjoying himself, while recording the super fast and intricate balkan melodies.

and just to proove to all you none-belivers out there, that there is really no effort for Mr.Seidel to lay down the fastest melodies known to mankind, he agreed on posing for another picture aswell.

The multitalent TrollBANK also recorded trumpet today for the super fast melodies.

We dont even know what to call this small guitar, but it sounded cool, so we decided to use it.

Super fast balkan melodies sounds really great if you add super fast drumming. So TrollBANK started blasting out some really fancy and complex rythms to boost up the allready super fast balkan melodies.

And when you have used the big drum, its the small drums turn afterwards. Nothing like the sound ofcongablast!!

The flute is also a great sounding instrument in balkan melodies, especially if you play it super duper fucking fast! Like TrollBANK demonstrated in the picture below!

And last but not least, we manage to get a picture of our beloved apprentice and master when he visited us in the studio today. The master, Speedy Gonzales!!

And as you can see from the pictures below, the trick to play super fucking fast is to be relaxed!!

Cheers folx! Thats it for tonight!!
Mr.SuperSpeedySeidel and TrollGravitySuperBlastBANK signing out!!!

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