Studio report day 18

Yesterday we continued with some acoustic guitar. Per Speleman came in and showed us some of his amazing finger picking skills. We don?t know exactly how he got such magic hands, when we asked him he just gave us a big grin

Per Speleman in action. The tuning he is using here is actually called Troll-tuning, so you know it will sound great! How can you go wrong with a tuning like that?

TrollBANK was in charge of all the knobs and technical stuff in Trollskogen recording studio. As you can see he has full control.

Manskow was in charge of the camera and the beer, making sure no one died of thirst. As you can see he also has full control

Afterwards we also did some more vocals, a little trumpet and bouzouki, followed by some more drinking of course. Trying out Christmas-beer to get into the holiday spirit.

Cheers! Per Speleman, TrollBANK and Manskow

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