Studio report day 20 - Sing, sing, sing

Day 20 of the recording was mostly spent recording vocals, PsychoTroll came to do his vocalparts and we also manage to record some drunk-choir!:) TTS = True TrollfesT Style! The beer brand off today was Hansa Fatl and Tuborg! We also manage to record some acoustic guitars, both nylon-strings and steel-strings.

Cheers pips!!

Manskow Productions in action, shooting an action-sequence that will appear in the "making of Brumlebassen".

PsychoTroll wondering what note he is supposed to start the melody in:

Two really important tools for recording a TrollfesT-album, and NO, I am not including the synth!:

BigBrother, or should i say Big Manskow, watches your every move....

Some of PsychoTrolls vocal lines:

Even TrollBANK recorded vocals today! Been a really productive day. Its amazing how some alcohol makes us work faster and more effecient...(or, maybe i should wait untill tomorrow before i can confirm this)...

Who can resists such a charming guy? TrollBANK enjoying his Tuborg!

The Monkey Choir...Ooooohhhhhh BANANA!!!

Say what??

Tomorrow we will contiune recording some more stringed instruments, stay tuned....There is so much more to come!!! In the meantime, we will enjoy our beer, and we hope you will do the same!

Mr.Seidel, Trollmannen, PsychoTroll, Manskow and TrollBANK signing out....


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