Studio report day 21, 22 and 23 - Busy bees!!

Okay, first off, sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. It might look like we have taken a break, but hell no. We are more busy than ever. We have done shitloads the last few days and manage to record alot of different stuff! We are soon getting done with all the choirs!:) Let me hear you say "Ahhhoooooo"....

TrollBANK has recorded alot of trumpet during these days, he made Fanfare Ciocarlia sound like a kindergarden of small children playing flute for the first time.

We have also received the drawings for the new album from Jonas Darnell, and it looks killer! Terje started working on the design today, and this will truly be the coolest TrollfesT cover in history! Cant wait to show it to the world!:)

We have also had our good friend Trym Hagen visiting us. He recorded some really emotional vocallines for one of the new songs, it made us all feel sorry for poor old Brumlebassen....

Here is TrollBANK and Trym doing some minor changes to the lyrics before recording:

The trusty seidel never lets us down, cheap and tasty:

Here is Trym busy recording..erhm...yeah, i meant preparing his vocalcords to get that right crispy sound going:

And as you can see, the beer did a proper job:

Manskow and Mr.Seidel enjoying Tryms beautiful singing with some beers!:)

it`s important to always have a bottle of Gin close by, you never know when you need a Gin&Tonic! Best there is:

Bouzouki is one of the most played "extra" instrument in TrollfesT, and almost everyday we need to sit down and record some melodies if we are ever going to be able to finish this record:

Untill next time, cheers folks!!

Best regards

TrollBANK, Mr.Seidel, Manskow and Trym.

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