Studio report day 24, 25 and 26 - Percorama!!

Hello fellow drunks bloggers!! Last few days have been spent mostly drinking and recording percussion and acoustic string instruments. Every melody on the album needs to be recorded multiply times with different instruments. So its a very time consuming process, So we desperately needs to lubricate our joints with lots of beer and Gin Tonic to endure the insane pressure (of death and misery!).

Manskow and Trollmannen have been very busy (and drunk) recording all kind of percussion like tambourine, maracas, eggs, darbuka, djemb, And it really sounds like we have been visited be some ancient tribes doing some sort of mad and sacrificial mating ritual (of death and misery)!!

Mr Seidel has been mostly eating chips, but have also contributed with some insane and smooth guitar and Bouzouki shit.

TrollBANK has really taken the trumpet element in trollfest to an higher level! So we are afraid that he will be picket up by some travelling gypsy-band who needs an insane trumpet virtuous!

Psychotroll has again shown us the fantastic vocal skills that he possesses! You better look forward to hear those incredibly vocal lines!

DrekkaDag is busy in his homestudio recording incredible and insane Balkan saxophone that will kick asses all the way to Mars and back.

Hell yeah!! This objective and in no way biased blogg has been written by TrollBANK

Recording some "soundeffect", hells bells!

TrollBANK shredding on the acoustic guitar!

Srlandschips is a very important ingredient when recording an album!

The Troll-engineer TrollBANK working on his super fast MAC... 80++ tracks is not problem for this incredible computer!

Mr.Seidel shredding on the bouzouki!

PsychoTroll making Jon Bon Jovi run for his money!

The thirst for beer can make every man loose focus! Like Trollmannen below....

BEER is ALSO a VERY important ingredient when recording an album!!

Trollmannen finally got some beers!

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