Studio report day 27 - Lets dance some polka with a pokal in our hands!

Allright, we are back in the studio! First studioday in 2012, so why not celebrate it with some gooood Pokal-beer!

As always, Manskow Production is documenting every move and every sip of beer.

This day was mostly spent on recording more choir, vocals and also some soundeffects (like cheering, opening bottles, drinking,you know, all those cosy sounds from a party). Trollmannen also wrote the lyrics for the last unfinished song and manage to record the vocals aswell. So it was a really productive day!

Here you see Trollmannen busy trying out TrollBANK many many bells. Used as percussion and soundeffects throughout the album.

We are getting really close to a finished album now! We have booked StrandStudio for mixing in mid February, so just a month left of recording and we are done! Wehuuu!!!

A BIG CHEERS from TrollBANK, Mr.Seidel, Manskow, Trollmannen and PsychoTroll!!

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