Studio report day 28, Almost finished!!

Yesterday we took a break from rehearsing for the Inferno kick-off concert and recorded some of the missing parts for the album. Mainly bouzouki and percussion. It's getting really close to being finished now, just a couple of more sessions recording a few things here and there and we're ready to take this back to Strand studio for the mixing process. Drekka Dag and Manskow has alsobeen busy bees recording the Saxophone and Accordion, and TrollBANK has played some more trumpet and Psychotroll banjo. So it's really starting to fill up!

TrollBank and Mr. Seidel going through some crazy melodies

As you can see, Mr. Seidel was playing so franticly that Psychotroll had to hold on to the bouzouki to keep it from flying out of his hands.

Cheers! TrollBANK, Mr. Seidel, Psychotroll and Manskow

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