Studio report day 29, Acoustic guitar, percussion and vocals

Yesterday we went back into the studio to finish some of the final things that's missing on the album. We had an amazing time at the Inferno kick-off on Saturday (thanks to everyone who came, you were awesome!) so yesterday we had finally recovered from the hangover and it was time to record again. The task for the day was some acoustic guitar, percussion and some creative vocal performance. We thought we would manage to finish the final bits during the evening, but when we were listening to the album someone came up with some new ideas again that made us all laugh really hard so of course we had to try it out too. No wonder it takes forever to finish the recording process!

Here's Mr. Seidel doing some acoustic guitar. He was so focused and concentrated that we needed a pop filter to shield out the heavy breathing

TrollBANK has full control on the technical stuff making everyone sound good.

Manskow showing off his multitasking skills

Psychotroll trying out some groundbreaking vocal techniques

Cheers! TrollBANK, Mr. Seidel, Psychotroll and Manskow

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