Trollfest now on European-tour with Korpiklaani!

We're now in Toulouse in France and its the fifth day of the tour.

We're relaxing backstage with beers, waiting to go on stage.

So far the tour has been great! We started off at the PPM festival in Belgium were we saw the biggest circel-pit we've seen in a long time! And we even witnessed a guy crowdsurfing with a kilt, with his feet spread out in the air and cock and balls on display. Nice! 


Next up was Paaspop festival in Nederland.

We fittingly played at the Jack Daniels stage

We got all the booze we wanted:

...and the chocolate fountain:

So..., the most essential was in order. 


Next up was Lille in France and it was nice to be back!

It was a great show just as it was at Heidenfest! 

Thanks to the folks that went to see us again and to the people that came up to us and hang out after the show. 

Still in France, next up was Paris

A big thanks to everyone that qued up in the rain to catch the show

We were overwhelmed by the respons from the audience. You guys was crazier than expected!

We were all drained in sweat after and during the concert. 

A big thanks, we had an amazing time :-)


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10.04.2012 kl.22:04

Thanks to you =) I missed you 3times before this gig. Perfect sound, And crazy ambient ! Ahaha I'll be back. Santé !

Numen Skog

11.04.2012 kl.12:33

Nice (and crazy) show at PPM! Yours was one of the best of the festival IMO, hope could see you again in Spain!

Ha det bra!

11.04.2012 kl.16:31

OH YEAHHHH!!!!! \m/


13.04.2012 kl.13:37

What a great concert at PPM fest, you are all great and more the eyes of Mr. Seidel is exhilarating, and sexy! Mainly I was facing him. Now my motto is: Too, too, too, Trollfest Better in french : Trop, trop trop, Trollfest

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