A little update from the trolls which now has arrived in Barcelona.

We arrived early here in Barcelona and spent the day walking around the beach and enjoying ice cream and sun.

A really beautiful day and nice for us to finally feel some warm weather after a long winter home in Norway.

Wish we could stay here some days, but life on the road is hard, and tomorrow we have to enjoy the sun in Madrid instead.

A big thanks to all who showed up at our gig in Bilbao yesterday. You were a killer audience!

And we got killer food as well:

Now its time to prepare for the show, which means drink more beer.

Enjoy some of todays pictures:

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Alexander Rogn

15.04.2012 kl.23:24

Sounds like you're having a kick ass time! Looking forword to seeng you're next gigg In Norway! Was blown away with you're preformens at the inferno festival! Good luck In you're upcoming daylie giggs! Give my brother Beinhard a Beinhard hug;) see 💪👿👉you later!

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