Madrid & Santiago!

For the first time ever Trollfest played in Madrid and what better way to celebrate that than with a piece of fan made cake. As you can see in this photo it was a delicious cake, and it tickled Manskows "granny-tastebuds" so ferociously he almost fell out of a chair. After our show we hung around talking to some of the nice people who had come out to see us and we even met a guy who came all the way from Marokko. Thats a We certainly hope to come back to Madrid as soon as possible.

The following day we went to Santiago (also for the first time) and we actually had time to try ourselves at this tourist buisness. We went to see a veryold church, laughed at the smiling horses outside and lamented the poor people who were in the church actually worrying about this silly god shite those old perverts invented so long ago. We even got yelled at for wearing a hat inside, which reminded me of good old George Carlins observation: Catholic men and Jewish women are forbidden to wear hats inside the church while Catholic women and Jewish men must wear hats inside the church. Somebody is completely wrong here, could it be both of them???

After the show we joined some very fine folk and went to a local metal pub called TNT, it was a fuckin blast and we even got some flaming shots from the barkeeper so all the trolls were very happy.

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