Sevilla & Valencia!


The venue had the greates entrance ever! A giant ego ramp where we had to walk over the audience to get to the stage, hell yeah! Boosted our ego! The show was fucking great, met some awesome guys from MetalCamp, and all in all a great evening! After the show we had a good time drinking and listening to bands like Metallica, Pantera, etc. Hell yeah! Ugha bugha! Countrymusic rocks with the boots on!!!1111!


We were all very excited to come to Valencia because we were told that the biggest aquarium in europe is there. After the quickest set-up of the tour we all jumped into a taxi and drove off to the aquarium. It was fucking awesome. We had two hours there and we got to see most of the attractions. We missed the dolphin show, but then again we probably spent thirty minutes just going back and forth in the underwater tunnel looking at the sharks. The only let down was that we could not see the octopus, then again he is a true master of disguise. The show was a lot of fun as well and the crowd was cool. We realy hope to play in spain again as soon as possible.

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