Milan started out great with beautiful sunshine and a cooooolld beer! TrollBANK crashed his crash-cymbal, so it got killed. We had to find a musicstore faster than fast, so he could get a new and alive cymbal. We found what we were looking for and the rest of the tour was saved:) We started playing early this day because the venue was going to be a gay-club after the concert. This sucked more than just dick, because some fans of TrollfesT never got to see us, because the website stated that the concert started 22:00 instead of 19:15. Well, hopefully we will be back faster than fast. The audience was great and we had a blast on stage!


Today we actually had some time to do tourist things so we went into the city centre and saw some statues, some churches and ate some pizzas and pastas. The food was really good even though it took the better part of a decade before it arrived. After some more touristy stuff we went back to the venue and had a great time onstage. Mr. Seidel thought he spotted some homemade trollfest t shirts in the crowd and sure enough, after the show we met some really nice people who had actually made some trollfest t shirts for us. Unlike us, greedy t-shirt pushing euro hunting bastardos, they gave them to us for free. Needless to say they are going up on the rehearsalroom wall as soon as we get home. We had a great party with them outside our bus after the venue had closed, and that seriously pissed off our busdriver who missed his last half hour of sleep because we were screaming and yelling drinking songs.

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