Heidenfest day 1!


Allright so we're finally on tour! 

We arrived Germany yesterday with the wonderful airline KLM (They got free beer!) There  we met up with the great guys from Korpiklaani, wich will stay on the same bus as us.

After getting in the bus and drive for a couple of hours, we went out to taste the german beers and nightlife in Essen, before getting in our bunks for a snoring symphony..

But no lazy trolls today, we got up and went to a aquarium, saying hi to som sharks and other fancy water creatures...

Now we are just waiting to enter stage, and we are super psyced for today. The venue is Turbinhalle in Oberhausen. If you are here, come and have a blast with us! We will enter stage as early as 5, bc we are 7 bands playing.. but it's all good, more time to party!


Let the games begin!



first free beer on the plane


On the bus!


turbinhalle! nice stage!

aquarium time!

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