Trollfest Paganfest Vinland 2013

We are a bit late with this blog. We are currently in Reno at the 5. concert on the paganfest tour an the sixth concert for Trollfest. What that means is that we had a concert in Mexio city before starting the Heidenfest. Let's rewind to Mexico city. We landed there after a grueling 17 hour flight from Oslo. Those 17 hours ment nothing when meeting a hord of local fans at the airport. We hail Trollfest Mexico for their fantastic welcome. The show in Mexico was crazy. Hot and a lot of "loco" metalheads gave a fantastic first concert, but hopefully not the last, for Trollfest in Mexico. A big thanks to Jen, Gabriel and Steph for taking care of us in the big and scary Mexico City!

Empty venue in mexico and other pictures from Mexico

Next show was in Denver. Another hard trip without any sleep. Denver seemed like a real nice city to us. Some technical problems before the show gave us the much needed adrenalin to do a kick ass show with kick ass audience. Nothing more to be said - smash in the face.

Venue in Denver

Next we had a day off in Aleberquerque and spent it on a bar owned by a nice guy with a Norwegian fiance who gave him strict instructions to take well care of us. That ment enormous amounts of hospitality and booze. Met a lot of nice people that night and of course some who worked on Breaking bad, the pride of Alberquerque.

Next day the hangover hit us really bad. We arrived in Tempe and they were still building the stage when we arrived . Everything was disastrously late and everything seemed very improvised. We also got a sample of the alcohol restrictions in Arizona. No drinking in the parking lot, no drinking at stage, no drinking outside small, designated areas, no drinking without a white wristband on your RIGHT hand. Well as you can understand we had a shitty concert with shitty sound and we had to cut our set since we were so delayed. I feel a bit sorry for the audience that things were not better organized since it could have been a magick evening under the stars of the Arizona sky. Well, some of the other bands on the tour made it a bit more magical than us and we have to give a big hand to other bands on the paganfest tour. We share bus with the physical big netherlander - Heidefolk. With a mean weight of over 100 kg and 1.95 m height (one adoping the name "Billy Brytebiff") they give a weighty argument to the more vocaldriven metal with two mitghty good vocalists. And talking about vocals, Heidefolk are loud people. Our bus is so loud at night that it sounds like we have moved the Paganfest concerts inside the bus.

Then we have the amazing Tyr from Fareo Islands. They have perfected the skill of singing in harmony of fourths over a more progressive metalcomp. The headliners on this tour is Ensiferum and play a kind of uptempo epic metal with vocals similar to wintersun. And the poor fellas who drive around in a van getting no sleep at all are the 1. band out. The amazing Hellsot guys from California.

Construction site

Well, then we rolled in to LA on the 2. of april to play at the house of blues. We went straight away to Barneys Beanery to consume an enourmous breakfest with trollfest. I had a 2 cm ham slice with runny eggs and onion rings. Very filling. Then we went to the Rainbow club to get some booze. we hooked up with the guy playing leatherface in the two last chainsaw massacre movies. Nice guy and very drunk. Mr.Seidel and Dr.Leif Kjnnsfleis was on fire to be in the city were their heroes in Metallica started their career. Seeing "Whiskey A Go Go" for them was like seeing Jesus, Mary and Joseph riding into town on a donkey!

Barneys brakefest.

House of blues, were it all took place!!

the Rainbow club, so fucking cool to have been there!!

The house of blues concert was great. Everything was perfect on stage and the energy was on top. Top concert!

How could we top this day. Well what about going to San Fransico? Waking up after an awesome party and witnessing the beautiful city of San Fransico was a sight to behold! After doing some serious touristing (Pier 39 and seeing Alcatraz) we hit the stage and everything exploded. A fucking killer gig with killer audience. Really extrem. And the night just got better and better and when Ensiferum played everybody was "bonkers on mars". The night on town was as extreme as the consert. With shotting, spanking and fetish clubs. Hail free San Fransisco. We hope to be back soon!


Now we are getting ready for our show in Reno, sitting on the bus drinking Corona, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Rom&Coke and some other assorted beverages! Going to be a afterparty we might not remember! See all you crazy Reno-fuckers at "The Alley" later today!!

Cheers from the Mighty Drekka Dag!!!

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