Reno and Portland

We arrived in rocking Reno thursday 5. april and immmideately hit the in an out burger for som local cuisine. A beatiful experience of gastric enjoyment. The alley was our venue and the party started right away. The localshad a fine tradition of giving the bands rounds of liqeur and that is a good start for a beautiful friendship.

The crowd was really into the band as well and the whole night ended in a party were all the bands was partying together with bands in the bar. Next day kind of reflected our mood with a lot of rain and cold weather.

How to repair this? Well all of us seemed to go for the healthy stuff with sushi and fruit. That lasted for like four minutes and then we hit the macaroni and cheese and mead and mojito and bloody mary and whisky and coke and over all absinth 78%. Suddenly the mood had changed for some reason and we were gettting ready to play. The venue was Hawthorne theater in Portland, Oregon. The crowd was going crazy at the first song and it got crazier and crazier. At one moment a girl started licking the foot of our singer Trollmannen. It's got to be a first thing for everything. Well that was a good start of the evening. Then it's go on and on and right now we are drinking amazingly good homemade mead called Slaughterhouse from a friend we met at the concert. Hail to Jeff Raude the supplier of amazing liquer. Right now we have no idea were this night is going.

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