New album recording day 1!


We are in studio! Yey! It's time to start recording a new full-length album again. It's going to be Trollfest's full lenght number six (goddam!). This time around we have bunkered up at Endre Kirkesola's (norwegian name for Church-sun) Dub Studio. The previous albums have been recorded at Strand Studio wich has worked our really good, but as the aging, thrillseeking and shifting trolls that we are we wanted to try something new. So now it's Church-burn's turn to show of he's skills.

Trollbank on he's way to the studio!

Half of today went by to rig and adjust the sound to the drums. As always, Trollbank is the first one out to work he's magic behind the drumset. After puting up the kit, tune the drums and finding the sweet spot for every mike, Trollbank blasted he's way through 3 songs! 8 more to go!

Drumkit in pieces

For the first time in Trollfest's history we are not using any triggers, sound-replacement or any other digital stuff on the drums. Behold organic trollfest sound! Exiting for all of us, and we think it's gonna be killer!

Trollbank behind the set

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