Drum recording day 3!

Ohh yeah!!

The last 3 songs are down on tape and we are done with the drumrecording (exept for one part of one song)! It's only mid-day of day 3, and we booked 4 days to do the recording. Kudos to Trollbank!

Since we have more time left we are going to start finding a killer guitarsound in Curch-rum's studio before we start tracking it back in "Trollskogen-recording facilities" How it that possible you say? Well, it's year 2013 and technology have made the world a small place. We will continue with guitars, bass and all the other stuff in varius studios around in the following weeks.

Trollbank got some well deserved ice-cream! Just need to find the drumstick-bag

We also have a festival coming up, Masters of rock in Czech Republic 10 days from now.. So its time again to find a good setlist and rehearse like hell. Hope to see you there!

Dub studio

So now we are enjoying a couple of beers and trying out some fresh wigs.. Can you fit 7 pepole in oner room? No problem.

Good times in studio

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29.06.2013 kl.17:25

I love band like so good ritms , saludos trollbank , i from country valle de banderas , nayaritn, mex. Are great are fantastic riffs beats :-)

balls and booze

30.06.2013 kl.12:12

I need more cowbell!

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