Guitar recording!

So after the drums were done, we used a while to find a good guitarsound before we moved all the stuff toTrollbank's studio for some serius shredding.


Dr. Leif Kjnnsfleis and Mr. Seidel have had their work cut out for them the last week, and the progress is going good! This record will be a kolossus midget of an hard and soft thing that will make you feel something or nothing. or maybe it will be something else than that... in any case it will bee a great one!

We have done some normal rehearsing as well.. in just 4 days we are playing in mighty Masters Of Rock! We are really looking forward to that show! Thursday 15:10 on the Ronnie james dio stage all hell will brake loose!

In the days and weeks to come more guitar will be recorded, no rest for the busy Trolls! But no guitarhero can survive without some bbq, so while the guitarists does their thing, Manskow and Trollbank provides the neseessary fuel to keep them running.

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