Studio recording and festival fun!

It's no rest for the wicked trolls.. Recording of guitars in studio goes steadely forward. Dr. Lef Kjnnsfleis and Mr. Seidel works hard to make things perfect in trollskogen recording facileties.

The other dudes in the band has their work cut out as well, Trollmannen is thinking hard to make some badass lyrics on the plane

Lodd Bolt is trying to figure out some good basslines in he's studio

But that's not all..! We went to play for the biggest audience so far at Masters Of Rock in Czch Republic! One crazy festival for sure! We had had a early slot on the main stage thursday but LOADS of pepole showed up and we had a grat time in the sun!!

Pumped on andrenalin a couple of the bandmebers decided to do a bungiejump from a 70m high crane and ofcourse everyone got drunk at the afterparty.

When we got up bit hangover we found out that the shuttle to the airport were a little blit late.. so when it came we were happy that we counted in some extra time. But when one thing happens another often awatis.. The car suddenly broke down when we had 2 more ours to go..!

But with spirit high and never give up attitude we used remaining-duck tape on the engine and worked as a lubricated furmula-1 team to fix problems as we went, and in some magic way we managed to get on the flight back to good old Norway juuust tin time!

In the weeks to come more pre-prodding and recording is going down. More news to follow!

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