Studio update!!

Soooooo. A while since the last studio update. why?? You got it -we are bussy recording!

We are done with a lot of stuff, but we always want to develop and do everything a lot better then last time so we are going crazy with LOADS of instruments this time! And the progress is going forward as a french concorde!

We are currently working in 4 different studios. The well known Trallbank's Trollskogen Recodig facilities, Lodd Bolt's Strnen studio, Drekkadag's Metronopolis Studio and Amb Studio. This is to make things as effective as possible. In the end everything will end up where it started in Kirkesola's DUB-studio for mixing it all together better then your favourit gin-tonic.

Right now Manskow and Drekkadag is recoding the accordion in Metronopolis!

Earlyer this week we were doing some good old man-choir also in Metronopolis. got some help from great friends!

Bass is recorded at Strnen studio..

While driving to the studio, Bolt's acooter unleashed hell!

We have recorded a lot of precussion, Trollmannen is a expert in making strange things sound good!

Also accoustic guitars has been recorded, as well as the well known bouzouki! Did you know that it?s a greek instrument? And the name bouzouki comes from the Turkish word "Bozuk" meaning "Modifyed"? Well now you know, and the morale of this is.. none, We like the instrument.

As i mentioned earlyer, we are trying out some newinstruments this time

To mention a couple of things we never have used before there is (BEEEP) and (BEEP) wo wil make the (BEEP) sound a lot better. Also we are doing some (BEEP) in a couple of songs. It souns a litte like (BEEP).

In between the recording battles, we went to germany to play at wolfzeit. A short stay, but great to meet up with Varg who we had loads of fun with at last years Heidenfest.

Speeking of heidenfest, go chek out the tourvideos! We just uploaded some episodes from last years touring! Loads of fun and great shows!

We are really looking forward to present you this album. The closer we get to the end of recording, the more we feel confident that this is going to be killer! Hopefully you'll have this monster in your hands soon!

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