On a buzz part one!

The heat, the energy! Desert rats!

We started this trek in Santa Ana, California amidst crickets, squirrels and the relentless rays of the American sun. Seven pale norwegians slowly turning pink ripsnorted through a great first show, but it must be admitted that certain of us were slightly sore the day after.

first day we got stopped for a friendly chat with the local police

Right of the bat, I must say it feels GREAT to be back in America again! I have missed the heat, and the honesty and in-your-face attitude of American fans.

The bus is sweet, Alestorm and crew are the sweetest touring company, and... Well, if it were to get any sweeter now you might as well call me Susan. The view from the bus has been sand, sand, mountains and sand. I am sick of it? No way! I thrive in the heat and the sun! (I dont know if the others guys agree with me though. Pussies) I can't stand the inside of the bus when the air condition is on. I'd rather be slightly scorched than freezing to death.

Hanging around in Vegas!

We got a pleasant surprise in Santa Ana, the guys from Helsott came to great us with hugs and gifts! Much love to those guys, we love 'em. They even joined us on stage! Thanks

Funniest things so far: Henna tattooing, trying out SWAT gear with a police officer, gambling with old women (whatever that means...), winning the "don't-puke-from-tequila-shots-with-american-tough-guy-competition, getting tipped 20$ for playing a good show and finally, Mr.Seidels sausages.

We received a warm welcome at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix, Arizona. Hey Joe, thanks so much for making us feel welcome!We even got free drinks from the girl behind the bar who could not stop giggling because we "looked silly" on stage. Hey, better to look silly and be remembered than looking boring and be forgotten!

Afterparty in a local pub in Pheonix!

The venues on this tour are smaller and way more intimate than last time around, and it feels good to experience the fans face to face, exchanging lyrics and spit, literally.

It feels awesome to get going again, and I can't believe we have 22 shows left!!

Leif (two rum & coke's down), all smiles and giggles, signing out!

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18.11.2013 kl.00:00

I would have been there! That blond dude in the front is my best pal Nathan, and I drove him to the show that night in Phoenix. Alas, I had to work the next morning and was literally falling asleep on the way home. Perhaps next time, I can make it out to drinks afterwards with you guys! <3

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