On a buzz part two!

Lets see what happened the last days... Vegas were cool, fake but cool. The fountains, the volcano, the people, the attitude. I got a henna-tattoo, did some gambling (and won!), saw the fountain-show 4 times (we all loved it!), tried to tress pass a crime-scene. (someone got shot on the street outside of the venue), and I rounded up the night by talking to a loudmouth tough-guy who bought me tequila shots. He puked on the bar eventually. Bolt ? toughguy 1-0.

Las Vegas

The day after were the completely different city San Francisco. Big and fake were replaced with small and friendly. We played on the smallest venue ever, but the place got packed with 300 pepole and went apeshit! Had a super time there. The staff at the venue, the crowd and everybody were just super nice. I met some friends form last time we were there so that mad it even nicer. Had a little spin the bottle competition as well. I ended up doing push-ups while making ape-noises, Leif climbed a pole, Garroth swapped shirts with the smallest girl in the crowd, Mr.Seidel kissed Trollbank... Good times!

High class drinking in San Fran!

And we go to Portland! Same venue as the last time, so we knew it would be good. It's a cozy bar there to hang out with the locals and get wasted, so we did exactly that. Again we met some people from last time who has a mead brewery, and they brought us a case of the best mead I ever tasted! One day that mead will take over the world. The crowd were extreme! We did a wall of death on the song ?rundt blet? right before it the crowd stamped their feets so hard that the whole floor bounced up and down. Needless to say, the wall of death were hard! Sorry for all the teeth that got knocked out, but y'all got Obama-care now right?


Yesterday in Seattle were good as well, I met a local in a bar while having breakfast and she told me all about the city and surroundings. Ended up taking here advice and some of us went to the farmers marked who were a really cool place. Found the hard rock cafe as well and had some beers and burgers. Show went well, good crowd and lots of fun. Crowdsurfing while playing? Sure, why not.

Crowd in Seattle

So now we're back in Canada! This time on a really cool bar, Funky Winkerbeans. Last time we were in Vancouver we had a blast so what will happen here this time? I don't know, but i know for sure that something will! Show up and you''ll find out!

This is Bolt signing out, come and meet us at a show and have some fun!

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