On a buzz part three!

Part three!

The tour goes on, and Canada part one is over and done with. Vancouver turned about to be a really great show. The venue were sold out long before doors opened, so they let about 120 people over maximum in. Pretty crazy. There were also some dancers there that came on stage during a song with us. Fun fun. Beer was good as well, they had some really good local stuff, apparently to the locals you don?t get hangovers from it. I got to say i disagree with that statement when I arrived in Calgary the day after.


As it was a long ride from Vancouver to Calgary we had about 12 ours drive. Garreth bought a 5 liter wine, I had some cheese in the fridge and Dani put Purple Rain on the TV. Suddenly a boring buss-ride went to a cozy wine and cheese party :) after 5 glasses if wine and a movie, we arrived in Calgary. As the hangover went away and we had some time to kill we found a gym where some of us went for a good old work-out. Then it was Starbucks, concert, after-party, and bedtime. Just another day.

The next day we were back in Regina, a cool venue called The Exchange. We were at that same venue as with paganfest, and there is a place where you get everything you'll ask for. You'll get as much beer and food you want, and everyone is super friendly. We have a friend there who joined in on Karve playing a kazoo.. Good to be back.

Backstage in Regina

Next day were familiar as well, again we played that same venue last time we were here. I also knew about a good bar close by, so we went there to spend some ours before the show. We got pretty hammered and developed a couple of drinking-games where we had to draw stuff out of memory. Trollbank went crazy with the shaving. Made a wifebeeter and a crew-cut. Just nice to fit in.

Trollbank's new look

Then it was a day of. Usually that is a really boring day, but this time around we stopped by mall of America. They got a aquarium that was pretty cool, and not far away they had the biggest indoor water park in the US. Got to wash away two weeks of drunkness, go with watersides and I even got to go surfing on a fake surfwawe. Really fun! When we got out of there i just had a little to eat before passing out in the bunk.

Aquarium @ the mall of america

Today it's Friday in Chicago. Again, this is the same venue as last time, and last time it were completely sold out. Expecting nothing less this time!

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