Part four!

On and on we go....!

Chicago were as good as we hoped it to be. Reggie's are a really cool place to play, i got loads of history with great acts that went through that place. They also have two separate bars that connects to the venue. One rooftop bar (great after-party) and a pub with food and fernet on tap(!). I was a bit worried about the food because last time we played there i was seconds away from shiting myself on stage after the burger I got in the bar. This time I went with the chilli, and no shitting accidents :)

We got some great new friends from Gipsyhawk. You will never find more hard ass rock and rollers anywhere in the world then this guys. Ron, their guitarist used to live in Detroit for 8 years and this day we did a show in he's old regular-pub. Needless to say it turned out pretty good!

Trollbank getting ready for the show in Detroit

So next day in Cleveland were a big day for me. I used to play American football some 10 years ago, and i always wanted to see a NFL game. And now the dream came true! Cleveland browns against Pittsburgh steelers went down, and me and Mr. Mr. Seidel got some of the last tickets from a sold out game! The whole experience were crazy! I knew it was big, but not that big! The stadium alone has more shops and space then my home city. We had a great time there. Eating nachos, drinking beers, shearing for whatever team that had the ball and talking to locals.

NFL game!

When we came back to the venue we took all the energy out on stage, and we came up with might be the best stage outfit so far. Hilarious!

Me and Ron had some shots in the bus after the show and i think that night turned out as the hardest after party i ever had. We (Including 120kg tour manager) danced to steel panther so the bus almost tipped over, just one of the events going down that night...

Hangover day in Columbus... I looked like i had been in a boxing-fight. Still the gig went alright, we met a lot of people that saw our show the last time. Always good to meet up with some locals! Same venue as last time. Alrosa Willa is the venue where Dimebag got shot. Strange place to do a show, but this time it was a good non-violent crowd :)

So next day were at the Smiling moose in Pittsburgh. Really small venue in second floor and a cozy bar downstairs. Freezing outside so we just stayed inside eating food and drinking beers in the bar. The show were sold out and with no airconditionig it got pretty warm on that stage! One of the best things about this tour is that the bus has a shower, and after this gig we all needed it. Think i lost a couple of kilos during the 45 min of playing.

Crowd in Pittsburgh

The bus had to leave early bc now it was time for border crossing to Canada again. We did a show in London, Ontario for the first time. Fucking blizzard outside, but Me, Leif and Trollbank went out to find a gym and tried to make the body work again. Big venue this time, and maybe a 100 people showed up. Most of them sitting in the bar or in the booth. But hey, we got wireless. If the audience don?t come to us we go to them. Me and Mr. Seidel ordered a beer in the bar during the first song and on the second one we sat in all different places during the song. The audience got the hint eventually and they all came in front of the stage in the end of the show.

After the show and load out some of us went to a karaoke-bar. Hammered an beer and booze we did our best to hit the notes. This were the night when we got a new roadie on the tour. He made a good entrance with singing a song that lasted for 5 minutes and the only words that the song had were ?i want to fuck you all night long?

I tried (and failed) on come together by Beatles, but Chris from Alestorm nailed some old Scottish drinking-songs! Even the Japanese audience were impressed and laughed their ass of.

Japanese karaoke fans!

Last night were Toronto. We played there before and it was great so we had high hopes for this one, and man it was epic! Best show on the tour! Big sold out venue and crazy crowd! Me and Mr. Mr. Seidel crowd-surfed while playing and the wall of death was awesome.

Gypsyhawk had some friends that we all met up with and they invited us to a really cool bar for a great after-party. Earlier that day we did a discussion about horsepower and newton. How much is really 100 Newton? This reflected in the bar and we found a rolled newspaper and started to hit each other with different newtons. We figured it all out. 40 Newtons don?t hurt but 140 Newtons does. So after that little experiment rumors got to the other bands and tour manager that we all had a fight in the band. When i got in the bus, Shake (tour manager) told me that we had to make up and be friends.. hehehe, we are always friends. But nerveless i went back in the bus and said that its a rumor that we all are fighting. So to make this rumor go away we all got bare naked and went for a run in the front lounge where all the other people were sitting and drinking, Pete actually got some scratches from a dick hitting him in he's side. Good times!

So today we are in Ottawa for the first time. Great neighborhood, me and Manskow went for a walk to a marketplace. Got myself a new hat. I think it's suppose to be a moose, but it might be a horse or a cow. In any case it's staying on my head for tonight?s show. I have no doubt that it's gonna be another great show. It's Friday and Canadians are a lot of fun! See ya all soon!


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