Last part.

Right now we are up in the air on the plane home :( I'm not sure if i'll remember all the last gigs that well but I?ll try!

The gig in Ottawa went well. A moose-hat on stage is pretty warm, but else from that alright! The local front of house were really nice. She played a lot of Kvelertak before the bands started, she was a fan of Norwegian music, so we got along very well. She also showed me how to operate the stage lights and I did the lights for the opening band and a little bit for Gypsyhawk. I think it went well considering that I've never done it before! The after-party went on pretty late on the bus. It ended in the morning when I was all fired up and tried my sister to join a band on violin... Well if she does, something good came out of it at least :)

New hat!

Day after were in Montreal, and man we were in for a treat. Steph the local promoter were our booking agent in US/Canada and tour manager on our last American tour. And obviously he did a good job on promoting the show! Around 1000 people showed up and it got really crazy that night! We like to go out in the crowd to play during some songs, but the only way to get there was to stage-dive. So that's what we did. And we did a lot of it. The wall of death and the circle pit were brutal as well! Best show on the tour for sure.

Crowd in montreal

So for the after-party. Last time we played in Montreal i had slow night, going to bed early. That was a mistake I didn't do again. There is a really cool club just over the street that has all kinds of bars in different levels, and if you played a show in the city that night you'll have beers for 1 dollar and shots for 1,50. Had some tequilas in the bar and danced to the disco-beat! After-party went on after closing ours in the bus for a while. A little bit slower then the night before, but still good! I think we watched Purple Rain for the fifth time on the TV again.

Quebec City the next day. Cozy little french speaking town. We had never been there before, but we had a great time. We all agreed to have a drinking-free day, but when I tagged along with alestorm to a bar for some food, someone bought us shots of Rum and suddenly a whole bottle stood on the table. So much for the sober-day. The venue was a smaller place attached to a restaurant. It got packed with some 200 people and again we had a great time. We had some friends coming over with home-made beer as well, and we had a good time. Had to go quick after the show were done though. We had to make it all the way down to New-York.

I was looking forward to New-York. Last time we had a great time strolling around in Central Park, Times Square and all that fun. The boys went out to see the city, but since i managed to fuck up my leg the other night by jumping down on the floor from a high speaker-stack (idiot!), and had some job to do on the computer, I stayed at the venue for the most part. I also found a dude on craigslist that were selling a fender American 5 string jazz bass dirt cheap. He brought it to the venue and suddenly i got myself a new studio-bass!

Vounds from the pit!

But I got a little taste of New York after the show. We went to legendary bar where lots of celebrity rock start used to hang out. Cool metal-club where one of the things you could do is to spin the wheel. Great concept! 3 bucks for a spin and you could get anything from nothing to crappy shots, beers, t-shirt or whatever. We all got pretty drunk.

I decided to tag along to a private after-party, and lost somewhere in Brooklyn I never found my way back to the bus before it went to the next venue. Bummer. Luckily the next venue were pretty close, so when I woke up around 14:00, i found the nearest train station and tried to find my way to Teaneck, New Jersey by public transport. Pretty cool actually, felt like i was in a movie! Managed to get there before some of the other guys even got out of their bunks actually.

Public transport to the next venue!

I don't think many touring metal-acts ever go through Teaneck. I's a really small outskirt city of New York. I went to a pizza-joint to relax a bit and get some food after the long night when people came in and talked about our bus. Told their children to go and look at it and that they never seen one before. The venue was a restaurant with a stage. Used to be named Mexicali blues club. People sat and had their dinner blown away of our set. I have no clue why we got booked there (probably the owner had to launder some money), but i think it was cool as hell! Talked to some locals that just went there to eat and listen to some country, and this is what they got. But they actually liked it and we got some people that never would listen to us to check us out. Good times!

So, time to go to Baltimore again. I'm a big fan of the series The Wire who were filmed in Baltimore. If you seen the series it's pretty dirty, but the place we went to were not like that at all. The venue is located in a really good neighborhood and it were all clean and nice. Kind of disappointing actually, but that venue are so nice so it's all right. Great backstage with shower and a big venue. Just next door is hard rock cafe, so we got some nachos and a sweater there. Dani and Mr. Seidel went eating at The Dick restaurant, where the waiter is a Dick. Great concept! The more you tip the waiter the more a dick he'll be to you! I want that job.

Funny thing abut that night were that the sister band of Alestorm, namely Halestorm also played just down the street. Maybe some went to the wrong show? Anyways, the tour manager tried to set up a meeting with all bands. I almost shit my pants, I would marry their vocalist just because of here voice. Sadly we had to go early because we had to get all the way down to Atlanta the next day. Dammit.

So Atlanta was the last concert on the tour. The tour bus looks like shit, it smells shit, the clothes are all dirty, the stage outfit is beyond dirty and the smell is like aged mixture of shit, piss and vomit. Put some bonito flake taste to it as well and you get the idea. But despise that, I didn't want to go home. The tour have been a pleasure, everyone got along really well, and just that is an art in the conditions you live in.

To celebrate this we did what the tradition tells us to do. Pranks! And man, we overdid it this time. For Gypsyhawk who are all about sex drugs and rock'n roll we made huge joints to take on stage, a box of flour and Leif dressed up as a dragon we tried to chase.

For Alestorm we found stuff to dress up like the village people. Alestorm does a cover of In the navy, so during that song we entered stage doing YMCA in costumes. The band fell apart, haha. After that prank i think everyone thought we were done. But noooooo... we bought a shitload of grown up diapers, so Trollfest, some of the Gypsyhawk guys and even the merch dude got naked in diapers and entered stage on the end of their set. Needless to say they had a hard time not laughing. We got pranked as well, lots of guys joined the stage on our last song and they all had some weird costumes. I got lifted in the air by the stagehand on the last note. Fun fun :)

So that was the end of it! I want to say thank you to all the people we worked and sheared times with on this tour! Gypsyhawk are awesome band with great music and great guys. Ian is the sweetest guy and a tight ass drummer, Bryant the new dude, is an easygoing kind as hell and great guitar player, Ron: Keep the guitar lick, smiles and ladies coming! Erik; you're the man. Great voice, great songs and awesome attitude.

Alestorm has become a monster who this sold out tour just underlined. Pete, damn you can drum! Look long to find such a hard working drummer with rigging playing and drinking. Eliot can play the keys and the ladies like no one else. Gareth is the nicest dude. I'm coming down to Leeds to have a wine and cheese party with you and purple rain! Dani; I will miss your smile and humor and you gotta have to play a solo for us! And Chris; nicest front man you will ever find, I?m blown away by your karaoke-skills and playing that key-guitar like a motherfucker. Roadie-Mauro you can toss people to the crowd as no one else. Kane; best merch-seller ever! Always happy, selling stuff like a real salesman and fixing having a blast. Last but not least Milkshake (Chris). Best tour manager ever. Taking good care of us all the time even when you didn?t need to, funny drinking-partner, great front of house and just a pleasure to work with all over.

All the great guys on tour

In the end thank you so much to the people that came to the shows, bought our merch and made this a success! We all made great new friends on this tour, and i hope to be back as soon as possible!

This is Bolt signing out for this time around. Plane lands in cold sad Norway in 3 more ours. Fuck.

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