Kaos Over Europe part one

Hello all you beautiful people!

We are closing up to a week on tour already. It's nice to finally be back on tour I Europe after two American tours. This time it's really something new for us for a number of reasons. First of all the new album is out. It has been a lot of work to make, record and release the album an now we are finally able to preform the songs live to both new and old fans. It's truly a great feeling

Reason number two is the fact that this is out first headliner tour! Ouh-yeah, that's a fucking great feeling to! We had a blast supporting big bands on tour and playing festival-tours as Heidenfest and Paganfest, but it's a really nice for a change to do a proper headliner tour!

With us on tour is some old friends from Finsterforst and Cryptic forest. Playing their respective forest-metal and black-ish-metal. Cool guys, lots of fun, and always the opportunity to do a improvised spa with their satage-mud!

Some changes in the live line-up are done as well. Unfortunately Drekka Dag didn't have the chance to join in on this tour, but we got a replacement on percussion and vocals in Bukken Brusetruse. He is one big hub of energy both on and off stage, so it adds something new and good to this tour!

Bokkn - New live step-in!

We started of the tour in Berlin at the well known K17. Our tourmanager usually works there so she knew how to threw a welcome-party after the show. Great start on the tour with a bunch of people attending, cool afterparty with some 90's disco moves.

Next were Erfurt. We strolled around in the city for a while, doing some touristing and started the new hoovering trend on the parking-lot. Good times!

Third venue in Tillbrug were pretty cool, small as fuck but friendly as hell. Lots of friends and fans that showed up for the show. I think the barkeepers liked us bc we had a free bar all night. Yeah, you can imagine the rest.

Brekfast in Tilburg

A little bit of a pain in the ass to get up for the boat over to UK all hungover and early in the morning, but it was a beautiful sunrise at the boat and we got some sleep in the bus again before we arrived in London. When we got into London we had a special treat. My sister Sareeta showed up with here violin and joined in on stage for some songs! Really nice with a family visitor and a kickass addition to the band! We all hope she will make a appearance again in the near future!

Getting ready for the show in London

Then it was of to France for a show in Paris. This time at a venue called Glazart. I were there back in 2008 with another band, and the things I remembered were crazy crowd and warm as hell. I remembered right. What a crazy show (hope no one got hurt!)!! so cool to play for such a fired up audience!

We stayed in France for a gig in Toulouse the day after. As we are from cold Norway we really enjoyed strolling around in the warm sun and sitting at some caf talking about how to make a perfect baguette. Again the French audience didn't disappoint us! They even got in head of us starting a wall of death all by their own.

Finally out of the bus to take a piss!

We are sad to leave France, but more great shows are coming up. Tonight we are doing a show in Switzerland. Z7 in Pratteln is the venue you wanna go to tonight. We did a show here with Heidenfest in 2012, glad to be back for some more madness!

Not long ago we started the Trollfest Street Team. This have been a great success, and we have members in loads of places around the world. They are the most eager fans we got and they are helping us out with posters and spreading the word about us. Great thing about beeing on tour now is that we finally get the chance to meet them in person. We already had some beers and good chats with the team members. Also we are happy to see some of the members meet up with each other and do stuff together! Awesome :D If some members meet through the team and gets married we will for sure play at their wedding!


This is Bolt signing out for now as we are closing in to Pratteln. Hope to see as many of you as possible at the following shows!

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